ACCESS - Community Solutions of Clackamas County

Customized employment & training services providing volunteers for your office projects and printing production

Region(s) Covered: Clackamas County

Contact Information

principal contact:Valerie Skinner
contact note:Please call for more information or to schedule a project with us.


We Have Volunteers to Help You!

Who are we? Our program is called ACCESS and is a division of Clackamas County. Our clients are learning office and production skills, and have had Confidentiality Training.

What do we do? ACCESS trains, teaches and updates skills for adults who are reentering the work force, and we offer them work experience opportunities.

When? We are available Monday through Thursday for projects. Please call to schedule a time with Valerie Skinner 503-650-8916.

What can we do for you? We are available to stuff envelopes for mailings, collate newsletters, etc. All of this is at no cost to your organization! Call us to see if we can help with your project.

Who have we helped?
• Clackamas County Public Health – Immunization notices to parents
• Clackamas County Community Health - monthly mailings
• North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce - collated newsletters
• Oregon Tradeswomen - collated information and stuffed envelopes for an upcoming job fair and assisted them with assembling packets and setting up for a job fair.
• OPB – mailings
• Assembled the science kits your kids use in school

How can I access this service? – Call Valerie Skinner at 503-650-8916, or 503-349-2113, or email me at